Quick And Easy Registration Procedures

A company in Georgia can be registered within several hours. The process involves minimal documentation and a 15-minute visit to the registration office in Tbilisi. The same is true for companies registered using Power of Attorney. In fact, according to the Doing Business Report 2020 in terms of ease of registration Georgia comes in second behind only New Zealand.


0-20% Corporate Tax

Depending on the type of business, tax on corporate income can vary from 0% to 20%. Companies are fully exempt from taxes on certain activities in Free Zones. There are special tax advantages for IT companies (5% tax), for small businesses (1% tax), and for sea shipping (5% tax). In general, however, even a regular limited liability company (LLC) does not pay any tax on corporate income unless distributing dividends.


No Restrictions On Foreign Ownership Or The Number Of Directors

There are no restrictions upon who can own a company. Company can be owned by citizens of Georgia, by foreign nationals, or by both at the same time. The owner of a Georgian company can also be a legal entity registered outside of Georgia. What’s more, a foreign shareholder in a Georgian company can also serve as the director of the same company. Neither is the number of directors in a given company subject to limitation. There can be one director or multiple directors sharing responsibilities.


No Minimum Capital Requirement

A company may be established in Georgia without any capital injection. Company capital may be equal to 0.


Remote Company Formation And Management

To set up a company in Georgia you don't need to visit us in person. We can register your business in Georgia with a simple Power of Attorney and all in a single day (from the moment we receive the necessary documents from you)


Over 56 Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties With Different Countries

The attractive tax benefits available in Georgia would not be as attractive without double tax avoidance agreements to help you avoid paying taxes twice for the same service. Our team of legal experts will help you navigate through the sometimes complex agreements of avoiding double taxations.